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Installing CLI as a Remote Client
You can install CLI separately on a machine other than the Command Central host machine so you can run Command Central commands remotely.
1. Log on to the machine on which to install. No special privileges are required to install CLI.
2. Open your installation email from Software AG and follow the instructions to download the Command Central bootstrapper for the appropriate operating system. If you are installing on a Windows system, extract the ZIP archive into the target directory.
3. Open a command window as Administrator for Windows or a shell window for UNIX and run the .bat file or .sh script with the arguments in the table below.
-D component
Specify CLI.
-H host_name
DNS name or IP address for the Command Central host machine.
-d path
Full path to the directory in which to install CLI.
-c port_number
HTTP port used by Command Central. The default is 9080.
-C port_number
HTTPS port used by Command Central. The default is 9081.
-p password
Administrator password for Command Central.
4. If you want to change these settings later, rerun the bootstrapper with different values.
*To install on a Windows system and configure CLI to point to Command Central:
cc-def-9.12-release-w64.bat -d C:\AdminTools\sagcc -D CLI -H 
-c 9100 -C 9101 -p manage123
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