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sagcc exec repository discover
Finds product and fix repositories located on the specified installer server and adds the discovered repositories to Command Central.
*Command Central syntax:
sagcc exec repository {products|fixes} discover [host=install_server
*Platform Manager syntax:
sagcc exec repository {products|fixes} discover [host=install_server
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Optional. The host name or IP address of the system hosting the repositories. If you do not specify a value, Command Central goes to the Empower website.
Optional. The name of a sandbox on the specified host server. If you do not specify a value, Command Central lists all repositories on the installer server.
Optional. The command allows all options supported by the Command Line Interface. For a description of the options, see Common Options.
Usage Notes
When running the repository discover command, you can specify valid credentials for the repository using the {--username | -u} user_name and {--password | -p} password options.
Example When Executing on Command Central and Platform Manager
To add a product repository located in the sandbox with name “SuiteProd” from a server with host name “sag”:
sagcc exec repository products discover host=sag name=SuiteProd
sagcc exec repository fixes discover host=sag name=SuiteProd
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