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sagcc add repository products
Adds a product repository in Command Central.
*Command Central syntax:
*Master repository:
sagcc add repository products master name=repo_name
location=remote_location username=user password=password  
*Mirror repository:
sagcc add repository products mirror name=repo_name 
sourceRepos=repo_name1,repo_name2...repo_nameN [nodeAlias=node_alias
[platforms=OS_Id1,OS_Id2...OS_IdN] [description="description"]
*Image repository:
In the following command, you must include either the --input file option or the location argument:
sagcc add repository products image name=repo_name 
[--input | i image_file_on_client | location=image_file_on_server
*Not supported by Platform Manager.
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Required. The name of the product repository to add.
The name of a mirror repository should follow this format:
The label could be location, platform, or anything meaningful to identify the mirror repository. For example, webMethods-9.9_US_east_linux
Optional. A description for the repository.
For master repository
Required. The URL of the remote master repository.To find the URL of the available Software AG product repositories use sagcc list repository discover.
Required. The name of the user account that has access to the master repository.
Required. The password for the specified user name.
For mirror repository
Optional. Specifies the alias name of the Platform Manager installation in which you want to add the repository. If you do not include this parameter, the repository is added to the local Platform Manager node.

sourceRepos=repo_name1, repo_name2...repo_nameN

Required. A list of the source repositories to include in the new mirror repository.

[artifacts= productId1,productId2..., productIdN]
Optional. A list of the IDs of the products from the source repositories that you want to include in the mirror repository.
If you do not specify a list of product IDs or you omit this parameter, Command Central includes all products from the source repositories.

[platforms= OS_Id1,OS_Id2...OS_IdN]
Optional. A list of the IDs of the operating systems of the products included in the mirror repository.
If you do not specify a list of operating system IDs or you omit this parameter, Command Central uses the default platform of the Platform Manager to which the mirror repository is added.
For image repository
--input | -i image_file_on_client
Required. Identifies an image archive file created with Software AG Installer or Software AG Update Manager. For more information about the --input | i option, see input.
Required. A valid URL that points to the location where the repository is added. If location points to an installation image file, the image file must exist on the Command Central server. If the image file does not exist, the repository is not created.
Two repositories cannot point to the same location.
Usage Notes
*When you list specific product IDs in the artifacts argument, for example integrationServer, JDK is not added to the mirror repository, though JDK is required to install Integration Server from the mirror repository. You must add sjp in the list of product IDs in the artifacts argument, so that the command adds the JDK required for installing the listed products from the mirror repository.
*To add a mirror repository with all products and language packs available in the source repository, you must omit the artifacts argument. Command Central does not support listing specific language packs to include in a mirror repository.
Examples When Executing on Command Central
*To find the URLs of the repositories on the server with host "":
sagcc list repository products discover properties=*
To add a master product repository, located on the "" server, using the "myUser" credentials to access the repository:
sagcc add repository products master name=webMethods-12
username=myUser password=myUserPassword
*To upload an image file named “” from the current directory to Command Central and create a repository with name “test” that points to that image:
sagcc add repository products name=test -i
*To create a mirror repository with name “webMethods-9.9_EUR_Local” on the local installation for all products available in the “webMethods-9.9_EUR” source repository that use the operating system of the local installation:
sagcc create repository products mirror name=webMethods-9.9_EUR_Local 
*To create a mirror repository with name “webMethods-9.9_US_lnxamd64_w64” on a remote installation with alias “repoNode1”, from two image repositories with different operating systems:
sagcc create repository products mirror name=webMethods-9.9_US_lnxamd64_w64 
nodeAlias=repoNode1 sourceRepos=webMethods-9.9_US_lnxamd64,
*To create a mirror repository with name “webMethods-9.9_US_wMcore” on a remote installation with alias “repoNode2”, for two platforms and four core products with all their dependencies:
sagcc create repository products mirror name=webMethods-9.9_US_wMcore 
nodeAlias=repoNode2 sourceRepos=webMethods-9.9_US 
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