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Execute a Database Action with Catalog
You can create, drop, or upgrade the database components for a product and list the existing database components.
Command Syntax
sagcc exec administration product local DatabaseComponentConfigurator 
database {create|drop|migrate} db.type=db_type product=productID 
version=db_version db.username=db_username db.password=db_password db.url=db_url db.admin.username=db_admin_username 
db.admin.password=db_admin_password catalog=true
To create a database with name “TESTDB” with a catalog in the local Platform Manager installation for the product with ID “IS” and version “”, on the SQL server at URL “jdbc:wm:sqlserver://DBserver:1433;databaseName=TESTDB”, and for the database user “webmuser” with password “webmpass”:
sagcc exec administration product local DatabaseComponentConfigurator 
database create db.type=sqlserver product=IS 
version= db.username=webmuser 
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