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Specifies the location of the configuration file that contains a list of configuration properties, such as SSL, server, username, and password settings.
--configuration-file path
Specifies the fully qualified path to the location of the configuration properties file.
The default Command Central file is located in the Software AG_directory \CommandCentral\client\conf directory.
You can specify a relative path to the current execution directory of the sagcc command if you have set the CC_CLI_HOME and PATH environment variables.
Usage Notes
*When you include both the --configuration-file and the -ssl-truststore-password options, Command Central uses the password specified in the -ssl-truststore-password option.
*If you do not want to specify the SSL truststore options for each command execution, you can include the--ssl-truststore-file, --ssl-truststore-password, and --ssl-trust-all-hosts options in a custom file and specify the path to the location of that file in the --configuration-file option. For more information about creating a custom configuration properties file, see Configuring SSL Using Configuration Properties Files.
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