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Each layer maps to one or more nodes (installations) through a provisioning map defined in the provision section. The nodes that a layer maps to are either existing nodes or nodes that will be created when applying the template. Each node is referenced by its global node alias.
In the provision section, you can map each layer to a list of nodes or you can include a default subsection in which you specify a default mapping that applies to environment types or nodes that do not have an explicit definition. The provision section can also include references to lists of node aliases.
In the following example, by default the “layer1” and “esb” layers map to the installation with node alias “node1”. In “envType1”, “layer1” maps to installations with aliases “node1” and “node2”. The “esb” layer maps to installations with aliases “node2” and “node3”. “envType2” maps layers to a list of user-defined node aliases.
      layer1:  node1       
      esb:  node1       
      layer1:  [node1,node2]       
      esb:  [node2,node3]      
      layer1:  ${layer1.hosts}      
      esb:  ${is.hosts} 
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