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sagcc exec provisioning products install
Installs products from a product repository. The Platform Manager on which you install the products must have access to a product repository.
Before installing products using this command, see Before Installing Products.
*Command Central syntax:
sagcc exec provisioning products node_alias repo_name install   
[artifacts=productId1[_version],productId2[_version]]   [options]
*Not supported on Platform Manager.
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Required. The alias of the target node on which to install products.
Required. The name of the product repository from which to install products.

The names of the products to install.
*Required for a master repository. You must specify at least one product with version.
*Optional for image repositories. If you do not specify any artifacts, Command Central installs all products in the image archive.
When you specify more than one product, specifying the version is optional.
To find the product IDs, use the sagcc list repository products content command.
Optional. The command allows all options supported by the Command Line Interface. For a description of the options, seeCommon Options.
Usage Note
You cannot install all products available in a master repository. You must specify at least one product with version in the artifacts argument.
Examples When Executing on Command Central
*To install all products from an image repository with name “MyProducts” on a target node with alias “sag01”:
sagcc exec provisioning products sag01 MyProducts install
*To install the products with product IDs “integrationServer” and “MwsProgramFiles” and their dependencies from a master repository with name “webMethods-EUR” on a remote node with alias “sag01”:
sagcc exec provisioning products sag01 webMethods-EUR install   
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