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sagcc get landscape nodes
Retrieves information about a specified installation. Information about an installation can include:
*Alias name
*Display name
*Description, or null if none is assigned
*URL of the Command Central that manages the installation
*Status of the Command Central that manages the installation
*Command Central syntax:
sagcc get landscape nodes  alias  [options]        
[{--accept | -a} content_type]        
[{--debug | -d}]        
[{--error | -r} file]        
[{--format | -f} {tsv args | text | xml | csv args | json}]        
[{--log | -l} file]        
[{--output | -o} file]        
[{--password | -p} password]        
[{--quiet | -q}]        
[{--server | -s} url]        
[{--username | -u} user_name]
*Not applicable to Platform Manager.
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Required. Specifies the alias name of the installation for which you want to retrieve information.
You can view a list of installations and their aliases using sagcc list landscape nodes.
Optional. Refer to the command syntax for a list of the options the command supports. For a description of the options, see Common Options.
Usage Notes
*The information for an installation can include the status of the Platform Manager that manages the installation. The status is:
*ONLINE when Command Central can connect with the Platform Manager.
*OFFLINE when Command Central cannot connect to the Platform Manager, for example, if Platform Manager is not running or if there are other connection issues.
*If a Platform Manager is OFFLINE, the command only retrieve the Platform Manager manager status for the installation because the command relies on the Platform Manager to provide the other installation information it retrieves.
Example When Executing on Command Central
To execute a command on the Command Central server with host name “rubicon” and port “8090” to retrieve information for the installation with alias name “sag01”using the authorization of the user with user name “Administrator” and password “manage”, and have the information returned to the console in JavaScript Object Notation format:
sagcc get landscape nodes sag01 --format json --server http://rubicon:8090/cce       
--username Administrator --password manage
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