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sagcc get templates composite export
Exports the composite template available under the specified alias into a zip archive.
*Command Central syntax:
sagcc get templates composite export  template_alias                      
{--output | -o} [options]
*Not supported on Platform Manager.
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Required. The alias of the template to export. You can determine the template alias using the sagcc list templates composite command.
{--output | -o}
Required. The name of the output zip file to which to export the template. For more information about the {--output | -o} option, see output.
The command allows all options supported by the Command Line Interface. For a description of the options, see Common Options.
Example When Executing on Command Central
To export a template, under the alias “myAlias”, from the Command Central server with host name “rubicon” and port “8090”:
sagcc get templates composite export myAlias                
--server http://rubicon:8090/cce  -p mypassword                
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