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sagcc get configuration common
Retrieves the schema for a specified configuration type.
*Not supported by Command Central.
*Platform Manager Syntax:
sagcc get configuration common  schema  [options]
[{--debug | -d}]               
[{--error | -r} file]               
[{--log | -l} file]               
[{--output | -o} file]               
[{--password | -p} password]               
[{--quiet | -q}]               
[{--server | -s} url]]               
[{--username | -u} user_name]
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Required. Specifies the schema you want to retrieve. You can only retrieve schemas for common configuration types.
The following list the schema names you can specify:
Optional. Refer to the command syntax for a list of the options the command supports. For a description of the options, see Common Options.
Usage Notes
*Configuration types that have IDs that start with “COMMON-”, for example COMMON-PORTS, are common configuration types that multiple products share. Common configuration types have normalized schemas that work for all products. However, these schemas still allow the following product-specific extensions:
*You can have ExtendedProperties elements in the common schema XML files.
*You can define common schema elements as optional.
Each product maps a common schema to its specific use. To learn how a product supports common configuration types and how a product’s configuration type is mapped to a common schema, use sagcc get configuration data to retrieve the data returned for a specific product’s configuration instance. The structure of the configuration data can vary based on the run-time component, product that owns the run-time product, and in some cases also based on the specific instance of a configuration type.
Examples When Executing on Platform Manager
To execute a command on the Platform Manager server with host name “rubicon” and port “8090” to retrieve the “PortSettings.xsd” schema, using the authorization of the user with user name “Administrator” and password “manage”:
sagcc get configuration common PortSettings.xsd --server http://rubicon2:8092/spm -              
-username Adminisrator --password manage
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