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Recommendations When Selecting a Content Type
Specifies the content type of the output data for a command. You can specify the same values for --input-format | -m and --output-format | -f.
--output-format | -f content-type
Specifies a well-formed content type that indicates the format you want the command to use for the output. You can specify the short or full versions of the media type. The following lists some examples:
*application/xml | xml
*application/json | json
*text/plain | text
*text/tab-separated-values | tsv
*text/csv | csv
The default value is taken from the output file extension if the extension matches the short version of a supported media type. If the output file extension does not match the short version of a supported media type, the default is text/tab-separated-values.
For the content types that a command supports, see the documentation for a specific command.
To specify the output data is content type application/xml:
--output-format application/xml
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