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Deprecated. Use --output-format | -f in place of --accept | -a. When you use --accept | -a, Command Central executes the command with a warning.
Specifies the format you want the command to use for the data it returns. Use the {--accept | -a} option to specify a content type that the command supplies on the HTTP Accept request header that it sends to Command Central or Platform Manager.
{--accept | -a} content_type
Arguments and Options
Specifies a well-formed content type that indicates the format you want the command to use for the output. The following lists some examples:
Usage Notes
*If you specify the {--input | -i} option, the command ignores the {--accept | -a} option and sets the request content type based on the file extension of the input file. For more information, see input.
*Use the {--accept | -a} option as an alternative to the {--format | -f} option. Both options set the request content type.
*If you specify both the {--accept | -a} option and the {--format | -f} option, the command uses the content type you specify with the {--accept | -a} option and ignores the {--format | -f} option.
*By default, output is written to the console. If you want the output written to a file, use the {--output | -o} option. For more information, see output.
*To have a command return data in JavaScript Object Notation format:
--accept application/json
*To have a command return data in csv format:
--accept text/csv
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