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sagcc create stacks
Creates a new product stack.
*Command Central syntax:
sagcc create stacks alias=stackName release=version
[description=description] [options]
*Not applicable to Platform Manager.
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Required. The name of the stack. Specify a name that is unique among all stacks this Command Central manages.
Required. The release version of the stack. For example, 10.1
Optional. A description of the new stack. If you type a description with spaces, place quotes around the description.
Optional. The command allows all options supported by the Command Line Interface. For a description of the options, see Common Options.
Usage Notes
After creating a new stack, use the sagcc create stacks layers command to add infrastructure and run-time layers to the stack. A stack should typically have at least one infrastructure and one run-time layer.
To create a new stack with alias "stack01", release version "10.1" and description "test environment stack":
sagcc create stacks alias=stack01 release=10.1 description="test environment stack"
--password secret
Because the `{--server | -s}` and `{--username | -u}` options are not specified, the command uses the default server and user name. The command uses "secret" as the password for the user.
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