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Command Central Logs
The Command Central logs contain information about operations and errors that occur on the Command Central server, such as starting run-time components managed by Command Central and applying a composite template. The Command Central default and wrapper logs rotate by size, based on the size limit configured for the log file. The default size limit is 10MB. When Command Central rotates the log files, Command Central appends a number to the log file name, but the current log files are always named default.log and wrapper.log.
Command Central uses this format for log entries:
time_stamp log_level correlation_id message_text
For a description and details about the correlation ID, see Using the Correlation ID.
The following sections describe the Command Central logs available from the Logs tab in the Command Central web user interface.
Default Log
Use the default log to monitor the progress of Command Central operations and check about warning or error messages that might signal impending or actual failure.
Following is an example snippet from a Command Central default log:

2016/11/15 14:12:20 INFO #4 Layer: installation Node: mirror_10.0 Templates: [product-template, fix-template]
2016/11/15 14:12:20 INFO #4 stripe template [product-template] node [mirror_10.0] layer [installation] begin
2016/11/15 14:12:20 INFO #4 pre actions template [product-template] node [mirror_10.0] layer [installation] begin executing...
2016/11/15 14:12:20 INFO #4 pre actions template [product-template] node [mirror_10.0] layer [installation] finished executing
2016/11/15 14:12:20 INFO #4 import template [product-template] node [mirror_10.0] layer [installation] begin
2016/11/15 14:12:20 INFO #4 import template [product-template] node [mirror_10.0] layer [installation] success
2016/11/15 14:12:20 INFO #4 import template [product-template] node [mirror_10.0] layer [installation] end
2016/11/15 14:12:20 INFO #4 apply template [product-template] node [mirror_10.0] layer [installation] initiated with options [PRODUCTS]
2016/11/15 14:12:20 INFO #4 apply template [product-template] node [mirror_10.0] layer [installation] scheduled
2016/11/15 14:15:59 ERROR # [CCEMONE0021] Error polling SPM node [mirror_10.0]. Marking all states on the node as unknown.
2016/11/15 14:16:37 INFO #4 Waiting for mirror_10.0 to become ONLINE...
Wrapper Log
Use the wrapper log to troubleshoot and debug issues that occur during Command Central operations. This log includes DEBUG messages with Command Central code-level statements and WARN and ERROR messages from the code of other facilities.
Rest API Log
Use this log to troubleshoot all requests and responses from the Command Central REST API client and server.
Command Central uses this format for the request/response entries in this log:
number > request
number < response
Each request and its response have the same number before the greater/less than signs, for example:
364 > GET https://rubicon03:8091/cce/monitoring/alerts/?nodeAlias=local&runtimeComponentId=OSGI-CCE&includeChildren=true
364 > accept: application/vnd.sagcc.job+json,application/json
364 > accept-encoding: gzip, deflate
364 > accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.5
364 > connection: keep-alive
364 > content-type: application/json
364 > csrfpreventiontoken: un1d8qeuk3el4iba3gg1b4tf6
364 > donottrynextauth: true
364 > host: rubicon03:8091
364 > referer: https://rubicon03:8091/cce/web/
364 > user-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0
2016/11/15 15:46:52 INFO CCApplication 364 * Server responded with a response on thread http-bio-8091-exec-7
364 < 200
364 < Content-Type: application/json
Bootstrap Log
Use this log to monitor or troubleshoot operations when bootstrapping Platform Manager. The Platform Manager bootstrap installer creates a separate bootstrap log for each executed bootstrap operation. The name of each bootstrap log file uses the format boostrap.n.log, where n is an incremental number that indicates a separate bootstrap operation.
Platform Log
This log contains messages logged from the OSGi framework.
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