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Before Installing Products
Before installing products, do the following:
*For supported operating systems, read System Requirements for Software AG Products.
*For software and hardware support requirements and tasks you must perform to prepare the target machines, see Installing Software AG Products.
*If you are going to install on a Windows system, create a user account to perform the installation and give the account Windows system administrator privileges.
If you are going to install on a UNIX system, create an SSH user account to own the directory that will contain the product installation, but that otherwise has minimal rights on the target machine. The SSH user must have write and execute access to the target installation directory. If you want to register a daemon for Platform Manager, ask your system administrator for the sudo password.
Install as the user you just created. The installation user will own all files you install.
*For product releases 9.8 or later, create mirror repositories that contain the products to install using the instructions in this help.
For product releases 9.7 or earlier, use the Software AG Installer to install products.
*Create database components using the instructions in this help.
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