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Software AG Command Central is a tool that enables you to manage your Software AG products remotely from one location. Command Central offers a browser-based user interface, but you can also automate tasks by using commands to remotely execute actions from a terminal or custom script (for example, CI servers such as Jenkins or generic configuration management tools such as Puppet or Chef).
This release of Command Central can manage Software AG products that are release 9.0 or later. Software AG recommends always using the latest release of Command Central so you can take advantage of the most up-to-date features. If you have an earlier release of Command Central, you can upgrade to the latest release even if you are not upgrading your products. See the Software AG Command Central Feature Support Matrix for the list of products you can manage using Command Central and the features that are supported for each release of those products.
With Command Central, you can work with existing standalone product installations or create new ones. If you are following DevOps practices, you can create software stacks of product runtimes. For each use case, you create product, fix, and asset repositories from which to install products, install fixes, and deploy assets onto remote machines.
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