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Install Platform Manager Using the Command Central Bootstrapper
1. Log on to the target machine as the installation user you created when you installed Command Central.
2. Open your installation email from Software AG and follow the instructions to download the Command Central bootstrapper for the target operating system. If you are installing on a Windows system, extract the ZIP archive into the target installation directory.
3. Open a command window as Administrator for Windows or a shell window for UNIX and run the .bat file or .sh script with the arguments in the table below.
-D component
Specify SPM.
-H host_name
DNS name or IP address for Command Central to use to connect to Platform Manager after installation.
Machine on which you are running the bootstrapper
-d path
Full path to the directory in which to install Platform Manager.
Directory from which you are running the bootstrapper
-s port_number
HTTP port to use for Platform Manager.
-S port_number
HTTPS port to use for Platform Manager.
-p password
Password for the Platform Manager Administrator user account. If you are installing in a production environment, Software AG recommends you provide a strong, user-defined password.
-P root_password
If you are installing on a UNIX system and want to register a daemon for Platform Manager, the sudo password.
4. After installation is complete, Platform Manager is running and ready for use.
If you did not register daemons when you installed Platform Manager but want to do so at a later time, you can run the bootstrapper again with the argument -P sudo_password.
*To install Platform Managers on the hosts linuxhost1, solarishost2, and windowshost3, in the /opt/softwareag directory, on HTTP port 9997 and HTTPS port 9998, change the Administrator password to manage456, and register a daemon using the sudo password superuser890:
linuxhost1>./ -d /opt/softwareag -D SPM 
-H -s 9997 -S 9998 -p manage456 -P superuser123
solarishost2>./ -d /opt/softwareag -D SPM 
-H -s 9997 -S 9998 -p manage456 -P superuser890
windowshost3>cc-def-9.10-release-w64.bat -d C:\softwareag -D SPM 
-H -s 9997 -S 9998 -P manage456
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