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Install Products and Create Database Components
Depending on the number of products you select for installation, the product installation job could take some time to complete.
To uninstall 9.7 and earlier products, use the Software AG Uninstaller. To uninstall 9.8 and later products, use Command Central commands. Before uninstalling products, perform the pre-uninstallation tasks listed in Installing Software AG Products.
1. Go to Environments > ALL > Installations and click the target installation.
2. On the Products tab, click , click the product repository to use, and select the products to install.
3. After installation is complete, install the latest fixes on the installed products using the instructions in this help.
4. If a product you installed supports the creation of multiple instances in the same installation directory (for example, Integration Server), Command Central did not create an instance during installation. Create and configure one or more instances using the instructions in the product documentation. When specifying database connection information, keep in mind the following:
*Most products use the DataDirect Connect JDBC 5.1 database driver. For information about options supported by this driver, see DataDirect Connect for JDBC User's Guide and Reference 5.1, available on the Software AG Documentation website.
*Use the DataDirect Connect connection option MaxPooledStatements=35 on all database URLs except those for Trading Networks. This connection option improves performance by caching prepared statements. (Trading Networks caches its prepared statements using its own pooling mechanism).
*For DB2, if the product will connect to a schema other than the default schema for the specified database user, you must specify these connection options in the database URL, where AlternateID is the name of the default schema that is used to qualify unqualified database objects in dynamically prepared SQL statements:
;AlternateId=schema;"InitializationString=(SET CURRENT
If you created the instance on a UNIX machine, some products ask whether to register a UNIX daemon. For those that do not ask this question, see Register Daemons to Automatically Start and Shut Down Products on UNIX Systems in Installing Software AG Products.
5. For each product you installed, perform the post-installation tasks described in Installing Software AG Products, in the sections about completing the installation, with one exception: do not perform the license tasks in that guide. Licensing is handled in Command Central.
6. Create database components using the instructions for the sagcc exec administration command and composite templates in this help.
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