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Create a Software Stack
To delete stacks, see the sagcc delete stacks command in this help. You cannot deprovision stacks.
1. Develop and register micro templates for layers (see the template instructions in this help). Micro templates are intended to be modular and reusable; when you create a layer instance for a stack, you will be able to override template parameters and customize them for that stack.
2. Create definitions of layers to use in stacks using the methods below. A software stack must have at least one Infrastructure layer and at least one Runtime layer. When you create a layer instance for a stack, the layer definition will show micro template values by default, and you will be able to override these values.
*Use basic layer definitions provided by Software AG. You can use these definitions as they are or you can customize them. Basic layer definitions are available at
*Go to Environments > ALL > Instances > CCE > Command Central Server > Configuration > Layer Definitions, click , and provide the requested values.
3. Go to Views > Stacks and click . Add the stack and then add layers. At the end of the wizard, provisioning begins automatically.
4. For each product you installed, perform the post-installation tasks described in Installing Software AG Products, in the sections about completing the installation, with one exception: do not perform the license tasks in that guide. Licensing is handled in Command Central.
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