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Create and View an Aggregated Report
An aggregated report contains information about all installed product instances based on continuous license metering of a Command Central landscape. Command Central meters the landscape by active license manifest files hourly and stores the results in a monthly report.
The report contains a summary section for each location of your organization for which a license manifest file has been issued. The summary section shows whether the installed capacity (installed processor cores) for a product matches the licensed capacity (licensed processor cores) for the product. You can also view more product details including the daily status of a product, the number of installed and running product instances, the number of used and licensed cores, and whether the installation type and core class match the licenses. A monthly status summary per product is also available.
Command Central does not delete aggregated reports automatically. The average persistent memory usage in Command Central for an aggregated report is 100-300 kilobytes per product.
1. Go to Views > Licensing > Reports, click and then click Start Report Aggregation.
2. To view the contents of the report, click in the Download column and then click a format.
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