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Change or Reset the Command Central Administrator Password
When you installed Command Central, you specified a strong, custom Administrator password. Software AG strongly recommends you change the Command Central Administrator password periodically.
If you forget the password, you can use the Command Central bootstrapper to reset it. You can also use the bootstrapper to automate changing the password for both the Command Central and the local command line interface (CLI) password at the same time by running the bootstrapper with the arguments -d same_installation_directory -p new_password.
1. Go to Environments > ALL > Instances > CCE > Configuration > Internal Users > Administrator and edit the password.
2. Verify the new password by logging out and then logging in with the new password.
3. To update the Command Central command line interface configuration file:
a. Run a command (for example, sagcc list landscape nodes. The command returns ERROR 401.
b. Open the $HOME\.sag\ file in a text editor and set the password property to the new password.
c. Verify the new credentials by running the command again.
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