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Command Central Setup and Architecture
Install one Command Central on a machine that has Internet access. This Gateway Command Central connects to the Software AG Software Download Center (SDC) and the Empower Product Support website so you can download the products and fixes you have licensed.
Install one or more Command Centrals to manage your development and test environments, and one or more Command Centrals to manage production environments. These Command Centrals do not need Internet access but must have access to the machines that host the products you want to manage.
You should secure access to any Command Central that is managing an environment, but Software AG strongly recommends that you secure access to Command Centrals you are using to manage production environments.
Platform Manager is the agent for Command Central. Platform Manager is installed with every Command Central and in every product installation. When you submit requests for actions against a product installation, Command Central directs the requests to the Platform Manager in that installation, and the Platform Manager executes the action. Platform Manager is always the same release as the products.
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