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What is a Micro Template?
You use micro templates to create the layers in a product stack. A product stack is a set of integrated products that work together as one product solution, such as an integration solution or a process and case management solution. A layer in a product stack includes the product instances and run-time components that logically function as a unit.
From the Stacks screen in the Command Central web user interface or using the CLI stacks commands, you can create a product stack with the infrastructure and run-time layers that you require. A layer in a product stack refers to a micro template and uses the properties defined in that template to create and configure the layer. You must define a micro template for each layer that you want to include in the product stack and create a layer type definition that references the micro template. A product stack must have just one infrastructure layer and as many run-time layers as required for the product solution. To create a stack you should define:
*One infrastructure micro template and create a CCE-LAYER-TYPES-INFRA configuration instance that references that template. Based on your use-case, you can define one of the following infrastructure micro templates:
*Local infrastructure to install the local Platform Manager
*Remote infrastructure to connect to a remote Platform Manager
*Remote infrastructure to bootstraps Platform Manager on a remote machine
*Run-time micro template for each functional product unit and create a CCE-LAYER-TYPES-RUNTIME configuration instance that references that template. You can define run-time micro templates for non-clustered and clustered product instances.
In addition, you can create templates that help you when creating layers, for example you can define templates for configuring repositories, licenses, and databases.
Micro templates are used only in the layer definitions to create and manage layers with the Command Central Stacks web user interface or the CLI stacks commands. Do not use micro templates with the CLI apply composite templates command.
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