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Viewing Cluster Information
The Enterprise Manager provides Cluster information through the following four tabs:
*Cluster Summary
Cluster Summary
The Cluster Summary tab provides an overview of all realms in the Cluster. It identifies the current Master realm, and also shows each realm's perception of the state of all other realms.
The Cluster Summary Tab.
The Connections tab shows all connections to realms in the Cluster. In this example, it shows a single user connected to three realms in the Cluster:
The Cluster Connections Tab.
Remote Cluster Connections
The Remote Cluster Connections tab shows all remote cluster connections for this Cluster. Clusters can be remotely connected together providing the ability to create joins between channels in different clusters:
The Remote Cluster Connections Tab.
The Logfile tab shows a real-time Cluster-specific log, and provides the option to stream the log output to a file:
The Cluster Logfile Tab.
The Sites tab shows any site configurations (see Creating and Managing Clusters with Sites) for the current cluster. Clusters that have Site configurations are known as Universal Messaging Clusters with Sites. (Those without are known as Universal Messaging Clusters):
The Cluster Sites Tab.
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