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Shared Memory Configuration
In order to create a Shared Memory (SHM) interface you will need to select the realm node from the namespace tree to which you wish to add the interface, then in the right hand tabbed area there will be a tab labeled "Comms". Select it, and you will be presented with the "Shared Memory" tab:
Now select "Add SHM Config" and you be presented with the below configuration box, it contains three parameters
1. Path: This is the directory within which the files needed for SHM communication will be created. (Please note that when choosing a path, ensure that the local user id of the server can access this directory, for example, /dev/shm will require root / super user access, or shm communication will not work)
2. Buffer Size: This is the size of the allocated memory in bytes a connection will use, it will also create a file of the same size which is used for mapping.
3. Timeout: This is the idle timeout for a connection, if no activity is detected on the connection it is closed.
Once you press okay the driver is created and ready to go. If you wish to edit any of those values you can edit them by double clicking any on the field you wish to change and then applying them with the apply button or resetting them by pressing cancel.
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