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About Manual Decisions
Manual decisions, sometimes referred to as task actions, are a special type of process action that uses a rule to instantiate a task. When the user completes the task, the Task Engine calls the Rules Engine with the result and the original call context.
Manual decisions have nothing to do with manual tasks.
A decision table that contains a manual decision point (task action) must be configured in as follows:
*When you create the decision table, you must select the Process Aware check box.
*All TaskData must be mapped.
*The task’s Inputs/Outputs must match the decision table’s Inputs/Outputs.
The decision table contains an extra parameter called ProcessData that is automatically generated when the decision table is created. This is mapped separately to the process, not to the task.
*The decision table’s ProcessData must be mapped to the process.
For more information about working with rule actions and decision tables, see webMethods BPM Rules Development Help.
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