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XML Configuration: Overview
XML Configuration: Exporting To XML
XML Configuration: Importing From XML
XML Configuration: Sample XML File for EXPORT
The Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager allows you to export specific elements of the realm or the entire realm structure into an XML representation. The exported XML can contain all clusters, realm ACLs, channels, queues and their ACLs, configuration parameters, JNDI assets, interfaces, plugins and scheduling information. Once exported, the XML can then be imported into any other realm, which is useful when you wish to clone realms and their internal structures. Importing the xml will automatically create and configure those objects selected for the import from the XML file.
The export and import marshals the realm objects from their Administration API representation into XML and back again. This provides a very powerful way of automatically configuring a realm based on a standard structure.
See the links below to view more about the import and export mechanism available in the Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager:
*XML Configuration: Exporting To XML
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