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Manage Inter-Cluster Connections
Creating Inter-Cluster Connections
Inter cluster connections can be created through the Enterprise Manager. To do this, firstly connect to a realm in each cluster. Then, once both clusters are displayed in the Enterprise Manager, click on the "Inter-Cluster Connections" tab under one of the cluster panels.
Next, select "Add" and choose the remote cluster from the dropdown list in the popup dialog which will now appear:
The inter-cluster connections should now be established, and inter-cluster joins can now be formed through the Enterprise Manager or programmatically.
For a description of the general principles involved in creating channel joins, see the section . The description details the usage based on the Enterprise Manager, but the same general principles apply if you are using the API.
Deleting Inter-Cluster Connections
To delete an inter-cluster connection, simply select the connection from the list and click "Delete".
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