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Copying Queues
This section will describe the process of copying queues in Universal Messaging realms. Each queue that is created consists of a physical object within the Universal Messaging realm as well as its logical reference within the namespace.
Copying queues using the Enterprise Manager enables you to duplicate queues automatically across realms. When a queue is copied, its attributes and any events found on the queue will be copied over onto the new queue copy.
Firstly, by selecting the queue in the namespace that you wish to copy and right-clicking on the node, you will be presented with a menu that shows you the various options for a queue node. The image below shows this menu.
By selecting the 'Copy Queue' option, you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to input the details of the new queue copy. These details not only include the queue attributes, but also the realm to which the queue will be copied to. The image below shows the copy queue dialog.
The image shows a drop down list containing all the names of the realms that the enterprise manager is currently connected to. By selecting a realm name from the list, it is possible to create a copy of the selected queue in that realm. Clicking on the 'OK' button will create the queue on the selected realm and the queue will then appear in the namespace tree.
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