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Verifying IDP (Mircrosoft ADFS) Initiated Single Sign-On
1. Type the IDP’s SSO URL in a browser and log in using valid IDP credentials.
2. Select the My webMethods Server instance registered in Mircrosoft ADFS.
*IDP redirects the user with the authentication response to My webMethods Server and sends a SAML response token as a POST parameter to My webMethods Server using SAML POST binding.
*My webMethods Server validates the SAML response based on the signature details present in the SAML response. The signature on the assertion is validated using the public key of the identity provider available in the metadata file.
*My webMethods Server processes the SAML response and verifies the user details present in the token. The user ID is the agreed identity between My webMethods Server (SP) and IDP. If the user ID is registered in My webMethods Server, My webMethods Server authorizes the user access.
3. Check if you can access My webMethods Server without providing login credentials again.
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