Dynamic Apps Platform : Administering My webMethods Server : Managing Workspaces in My webMethods Server : Workspace Actions You Can Perform from the Workspace Management Page : Unsharing Workspaces
Unsharing Workspaces
Use the following procedure when you no longer want to share a workspace with a user, group, or role.
To unshare a workspace
1. Search for the workspaces that you no longer want to share. For instructions, see Performing a Keyword Search for Workspaces or Performing an Advanced Search for Workspaces.
2. In the search results in the row for a workspace you want to unshare, click and select Share Workspace.
3. In the Workspace Sharing window, select the check box for the users, groups, and/or roles with which you no longer want to share access to the workspace.
4. If you want to notify the users affected by this change, select the Notify collaborators when the workspace is shared or unshared check box.
5. Click Delete and then Apply.
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