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Uninstalling Portlets or Other Deployable Server Components
Before you uninstall a component, determine how its removal will affect all of its instances on a user’s page. Uninstalling will break any page that contains specific portlet instances of the portlet that was uninstalled, and disrupt any portlets that may be wired to that portlet using the portlet wiring feature.
For example, you are not warned about wiring relationships when removing a portlet that is wired to another portlet.
You may want to change the portlet’s status property to Hidden or Disabled to phase out the portlet before you uninstall it. After users are informed of the impending uninstall and have removed it from their page, it will then be safe to uninstall it.
When an uninstalled portlet’s instances are broken, it causes errors on each page on which that portlet is being used. It also may remove the data for a portlet and its instances, the configuration files, the portlet database tables, and the portlet packaging files. Reinstalling will not restore the broken references caused by uninstalling a portlet.
To uninstall a component using the Install Administration page
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Install Administration.
2. On the tree list, select one or more components to be uninstalled, click Uninstall Selected, and click Next.
3. To confirm the uninstall action, click Uninstall.
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