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Specifying a Default Authentication Scheme
When My webMethods Server is initialized, the forms authentication scheme is the default. the forms authentication scheme redirects unauthenticated requests to a default login page. You can change the default authentication scheme for My webMethods Server to one of the registered authentication schemes.
Do not use this procedure if you intend to use the httpHeader authentication scheme to accept credentials from third-party security providers. Instead, use the HTTP Header Authentication Administration page, described in Configuring External Configuration Credentials.
To change the default authorization scheme for My webMethods Server
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard >Configuration > Alias Management.
2. On the Keyword tab, type auth.scheme.default and click Search.
3. Click the Edit icon for auth.scheme.default.
4. On the Update Alias panel, click Browse and browse to Folders > System > Authentication Schemes.
5. Move the appropriate authentication scheme to Selected Items and click Select.
6. Click Update.
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