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Replacing Keystores
The wrapper.conf file sets the values the javax.net.ssl system properties use for communication using SSL. You can edit the custom_wrapper.conf file to replace the keystore or truststore for an instance of My webMethods Server.
To replace the keystore or truststore
1. Open the custom_wrapper.conf file for the server instance in a text editor. You can find the file at this location:
Software AG_directory \profiles\MWS_serverName\configuration\
2. In the custom_wrapper.conf file, add or change the values of the SSL properties as needed and save the file:
# SSL Properties
set.JAVA_KEYSTORE=Software AG_directory\MWS\server\default\config
set.JAVA_TRUSTSTORE=Software AG_directory\MWS\server\default\config
3. Restart My webMethods Server.
To provide an encrypted password for the keystore, see Generating an Encrypted Password.
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