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Removing Invalid Users
My webMethods Server cannot recognize users who are deleted from a directory service or moved in a directory service. Such users are regarded as invalid users.
As system administrator, you can use the Cleanup_InvalidUsers utility to remove invalid users from My webMethods Server. In addition to removing invalid users, the Cleanup_InvalidUsers utility removes memberships of invalid users from roles in My webMethods Server.
You should run the Cleanup_InvalidUsers utility before you run the UserDirectory_UpdateUUID utility. For more information about the UserDirectory_UpdateUUID utility, see Configuring Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) for Users.
If you have a large user base, running the Cleanup_InvalidUsers utility might take a long time. You should run the Cleanup_InvalidUsers utility at a time that is suitable for system maintenance.
To remove invalid users
1. Take a backup of My webMethods Server database.
2. Navigate to Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Install Administration > Extras > UserDirectory > UserDirectory_UpdateUUIDPortlet.war.
3. Click Install Component.
4. Navigate to Folders > System > Portlets > UserDirectory_UpdateUUIDPortlet, and click Cleanup_InvalidUsers.
5. In the Directory Service Name field, type the name of a directory service configured with My webMethods Server. You can type the single wildcard character * to specify all directory services configured with my My webMethods Server.
6. Select Only log invalid user entries and click Cleanup.
All invalid users are listed in the Software AG_directory \MWS\server\default\logs\_full_.log file. Review the file to ensure that the listed users are not active My webMethods Server users.
7. Select Log and remove invalid user entries and click Cleanup.
8. Restart My webMethods Server.
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