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Redirecting a User After Login
By default, when a user logs into a server, redirects the user to the same page. You can alter the Login Target property of the login portlet so a successful login redirects the user to a page of your choosing.
To redirect a user to another page after login
1. At the right edge of the title bar for the login portlet, click the Tools icon and then click Properties.
2. For the Login Target property, do one of the following:
Click this...
And do this...
Move the target page to the Selected Items box and click Select.
Use Alias
In the Alias Name field, type the alias of the page to which the user should be redirected. Click Test to determine if the alias is valid and the alias target is the correct one. If the alias is correct, click Select.
If you type /user.current.start.page, the user is redirected to the start page defined by start-page rules.
3. Click Apply.
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