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Monitoring Real-Time User Activity
The Session Monitor page can be used to monitor real-time user activity for a server deployment and send status messages to active users by means of E-mail. For active users, a system administrator can accomplish two important functions:
*view a user's profile information
*send the user E-mail directly from within this page
To view all active server sessions
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Analysis > Session Monitor.
2. (Optional) On the list of active sessions, click a user's name to view that user's profile.
3. (Optional) On the list of active sessions, click the E-mail icon .
If you have an E-mail client installed on the machine you are working on, an E-mail message window is displayed allowing you to compose and send an E-mail to the selected user. If the user does not have a valid E-mail address in User Information, the To field is empty.
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