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Modifying the Bean Expiration Policy
By default, when a My webMethods user returns to a previous folder, such as a Task Inbox, the folder refreshes itself and unsaved changes to the folder are lost. System administrators can modify the bean expiration policy for a Fabric folder or a workspace template so it displays existing data when users return to the tab that contains it. Once set, the policy applies any time a user displays that folder or workspace in My webMethods.
To modify bean expiration policy
1. As system administrator do one of the following:
*For Fabric folders navigate to Folders > My webMethods Applications > Fabric Tasks.
Folders that allow the you to modify the bean expiration policy are identified by the icon.
*For workspace templates navigate to Folders > System > Templates > Workspace Templates > Default Workspace Template.
2. In the Fabric folder title bar or in the Default Workspace Template, click Tools > Properties.
3. In the beanExpirePolicy field, type do_not_expire.
4. Click Apply.
Make this change individually for each folder you want to modify.
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