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Modifying Permissions
You can modify previously set permissions to server resources. You can modify permissions for users, groups, or roles (Principals), or delete them entirely.
To modify permissions
1. To navigate to the correct page, do one of the following:
*In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide > Permissions Management.
*As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Permissions Management.
2. If you have a saved search for the resources to be modified, do the following:
a. Click the Saved tab, choose the saved search from the Saved Search list and click Search
b. Move the result of the search to the Selected list and click Next.
3. Otherwise search for the resources by doing the following:
a. On the Search panel, from the Resource Type list, choose the resource to be managed.
b. If needed, apply a one or more filters to narrow the search.
c. Click Search.
d. Move resources into the Selected list.
e. Click Next.
4. To modify permissions for a Principal, do the following:
a. In the Permissions column of the Edit Permissions panel, click the link for the user, group, or role.
b. Modify permissions for the various settings as needed, and click OK.
5. To delete permissions for a user, group, or role, select the checkbox in that row and click Delete.
6. Click Apply.
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