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Modifying Database Connection Retries
If a server loses its connection with the My webMethods Server database, it tries to reestablish the connection. This would be the case if a database failover occurs in a high availability environment. You can modify the number of times the server retries the connection and the interval it waits between retries. If you have multiple servers in a cluster, you need to modify these values individually on each machine. Also, if you have multiple server instances on the same machine, you need to modify the values for each server instance.
My webMethods Server database connection information for each server instance is maintained in the mws.db.xml file found in this location:
Software AG_directory \MWS\server\serverName\config
You can modify the following database retry values:
Retry count
The number of times My webMethods Server attempts to re-execute a SQL statement in the case of connection loss, deadlock, or any other SQL error not normally expected If the value is:
*0—the server does not try to reestablish the connection.
*An integer of 1 or more—the server retries the connection that number of times.
Typically, you should set the retry count to no more than three. If the server needs more than that number, there are problems with the connection or with the database server.
Retry delay
The time in milliseconds the server waits between retries. The retry delay value should be large enough to allow for a failover to occur, and is dependent on the configuration of your database server.
To modify retry behavior for a single My webMethods Server database connection, do the following.
To modify database retry behavior for a server instance
1. Open the mws.db.xml file, which you will find at the following location, in a text editor:
Software AG_directory \MWS\server\serverName\config
2. To change the number of retries, for each node in the cluster, add the <RETRYCOUNT> element to mws.db.xml within the <PARAMS></PARAMS> tags:
3. To change the number of milliseconds to delay between retries, for each node in the cluster, add the <RETRYDELAY> element to mws.db.xml within the <PARAMS></PARAMS> tags:
The combined elements might look like this:
<!-- retry count on error -->
<!-- delay in ms between retries -->
4. Save the file and restart the My webMethods Server instance.
5. Repeat this procedure for each node in the cluster.
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