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Modifying a Node in a Cluster
You can modify several properties for a node in a cluster or a standalone instance of My webMethods Server. Common reasons to modify a node are to add security by specifying an HTTPS port, add support for an external web server, or change cluster roles. You can also modify the properties of a cluster node or a standalone server manually. See Working with the cluster.xml File.
To modify a standalone server or a node in a cluster
1. To navigate to the correct page, do one of the following:
*In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > My webMethods > Cluster Settings > Advanced or Clustered Configuration.
*As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Cluster Administration > Advanced or Clustered Configuration.
2. For a standalone server or a node in the cluster, do any of the following.
*In the HOST field, change the host name (including domain if appropriate) or IP address of the machine where the node is to run.
The specified host name or IP address must resolve to the correct machine running the node. It must be valid for all nodes in the cluster. See your network administrator for information about host names and network setup at your site.
*In the HTTP PORT field, change the port number to be used by the HTTP listener.
This field must always have a valid port number.
*In the HTTPS PORT field, type the port number to be used by the HTTPS listener.
A value of 0 (zero) in this field disables the listener.
My webMethods Server includes a sample HTTP certificate that you can use to set up and test your HTTPS listener. The sample is located in the Software AG_directory \MWS\server\serverName\config\localhost.p12 file (see Certificates Used for Secure Connections). For production environments, be sure to obtain an actual Certificate from a qualified authority such as Verisign.
*To select one or more roles for a node, select the check box for the role.
3. Click Submit.
4. Restart the cluster or standalone server for the changes to take effect, as described in Restarting or Stopping All Nodes in a Cluster or Restarting or Stopping Individual Nodes in a Cluster.
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