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Managing Security Audit Logging
By default, My webMethods Server performs audit logging on all auditable events. Using the Audit Administration page, you can enable or disable audit logging, or choose which events are to be logged. By default, audit logging is enabled and all available auditable events are logged.
My webMethods Server writes the audit log to the audit.log file, which resides in the following directory:
Software AG_directory \MWS\server\serverName\logs
To manage security audit logging
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Audit Administration.
2. To enable or disable audit logging:
a. To enable audit logging, select Enable Auditing.
This is the default setting.
b. To disable audit logging, clear Enable Auditing.
3. In the Auditable column, select events to be logged and clear events that are not to be logged.
Selected events are not logged if audit logging is disabled.
4. Click Apply.
The changes take effect immediately.
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