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Making an Empty Shell Section
A shell always has the four folders that make up the shell sections. You may, however, want a shell design in which one or more of the shell sections is empty and takes up no space in the display. A shell section is empty if it contains no portlets and has no formatting information associated with it. In the default shells provided with My webMethods Server, the Leftnav and Rightnav shell sections display as being empty.
You cannot edit the Titlebar shell section as you do the others. To hide the title bar, you need to set the Titlebar attribute for individual portlets to No.
To make a shell section (other than a Titlebar) empty
1. As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > User Interface > Shell Administration.
2. To modify a shell, click the Tools icon and then click Edit.
3. In the Alias Name field of the resource selector, type the alias shell.section.blank.
4. To determine if the server can find the alias, click Test.
5. If the server correctly resolves the alias, click Select.
6. Click Save.
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