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Logging Into My webMethods Server
My webMethods Server has a user interface that you access using a web browser.
To log into My webMethods Server
1. Access the My webMethods Server Login page by entering a URL in a web browser:
*host is the host name of the machine on which My webMethods Server is installed.
*port is the port on which My webMethods Server listens for incoming requests. The default port for My webMethods Server is 8585.
For example, if the host name is rubicon.company.com and it uses the default port (8585), type the following URL:
2. Username and Password fields:
If you are...
User Name
My webMethods Administrator
System administrator
When logging in, the value you specify in the user name is case insensitive. However, after logging in, My webMethods Server uses the case of the user name that is defined in your user account. For example, if the user account is defined as “Administrator”, you can log in using “administrator”. When My webMethods Server needs to use the user name, for example, for HTTP authentication, it uses the version defined in the user account, which is “Administrator”.
To keep My webMethods Server secure, you should change the default administrator password. For instructions about how to change the password, see Changing the Administrator Password.
3. Click Log In.
After you log in, My webMethods Server displays the Administrator home page.
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