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Installing Portlets or Other Deployable Server Components
To use the Install Administration page to install portlets or other deployable server components, do the following
To install a portlet or other deployable server component
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Install Administration.
2. Click Install New Component.
3. Choose Local or Network Location or Remote Location.
4. Do either of the following:
*If the deployable component resides on your local file system, click Browse and navigate to the location.
*If the deployable component is in a remote location, type the complete path to the component.
5. Click Next.
6. Review the Component Info Summary and then click Install.
If the component is installed successfully, you will get a confirmation message verifying that the install succeeded.
If a component install fails, that component is automatically uninstalled. Be sure to check your log files to troubleshoot the installation failure.
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