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Initial Server Startup
The first time you start an instance of My webMethods Server, you need to initialize the My webMethods Server database. This requirement exists for a new installation of the product or a new server instance that uses a separate database. For more information about creating a new server instance, see Creating a New Server Instance.
To initialize a new instance of My webMethods Server
1. At a command line prompt, type the following command to move to the bin directory of the server:
cd Software AG_directory\MWS\bin
2. At the same command prompt, initialize the server instance using this command:
For Windows:
mws.bat -s  serverName  init
mws.sh -s  serverName  init
Use the -s serverName option if this is not the default server instance, or you specified a custom name for the default instance during installation. After the database is initialized, the server automatically stops.
3. Restart My webMethods Server.
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