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Importing Workspaces
If you have previously exported workspaces to a file, you can import them into My webMethods Server.
My webMethods Server imports the workspace into the personal folder of the user that performed the import. It is possible for multiple users to import the same workspace. Each time a workspace is imported, My webMethods Server creates a copy of the workspace, with all its content, into each user’s personal folder. A user’s personal folder is located within Folders > Users; you can view it using the system administrator user interface.
To import workspaces
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide > Workspace Management.
2. In the Result panel, click Import.
3. In the Import Workspaces window, click Browse.
4. In the Choose File to Upload window, navigate to and select the .cdp file that contains the workspaces you want to import and click Open.
5. In the Import Workspaces window, click Apply.
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