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Exporting Threshold Settings to a File
You can export your logger and output threshold settings to a file named log4.override.properties. Then later, you can import them from the log4.override.properties file into a My webMethods Server database.
You might want to export your threshold settings if you want to save a backup copy or if you want to use the same settings in another My webMethods Server instance that is not in the same cluster.
To export threshold settings
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Analysis > Logging Configuration.
2. Click Export.
3. If you want to open the file in a text editor to view it before saving:
a. Select the Open with option.
b. Select the text editor you want to use to view the file.
c. Click OK.
My webMethods Server downloads the file from the database and opens it in the selected editor.
d. Use the text editor save function to save the file.
4. If you want to save the file without opening it:
a. Select Save File.
b. Click OK.
My webMethods Server downloads the threshold settings to the log4.override.properties file and places the file on your desktop.
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