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Encrypting Passwords for Global Environment Variables
You can encrypt password fields for custom entries in Global Defaults environment variables.
To encrypt password fields for Global Defaults environment variables
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Configuration > CAF Application Runtime Configuration.
2. In the result titlebar, click the Edit icon .
3. In the Password Env-Entry Names field, type the name of a custom environment entry after the existing entries, separated by a comma, and click Save:
For example, wsclient-password,jcr/systemPassword,My_Password
4. Click Configure Global Defaults.
5. In the tree view, click Environment Entries, and then click Add New Entry.
6. In the Name field, type the name of the custom environment entry (for example, My_Password) and click Add It.
7. Type a password value in the newly created environment entry and click Apply.
If you have correctly configured the environment entry, the password is masked as you type it into the field. In addition, the password value is encrypted before it is stored in the database.
If the consumer of the password value needs to get the original value back (for example, to log in to some external server) it is possible to use the CipherUtil.decrypt(value) Java API to get the original value back. For information about the CipherUtil class, see webMethods CAF and My webMethods Server Java API Reference.
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