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Editing Members of a Static Role
To edit the members of a static role, do the following:
To edit members in a static role
1. To navigate to the correct page, do one of the following:
*In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide > User Management > Roles
*As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > User Management > Manage Roles
2. Search for the static role to which you want to add members. For more information, see Searching for Existing Users, Groups, or Roles.
3. In the search results, click the role name or click the Edit icon .
4. On the Members panel, click Edit Members.
5. To add members, do the following:
a. Under Search For, choose the Users, Groups, or Roles option.
b. In the Keywords field, type a keyword representing the users, groups, or roles you want to search for, and click Search.
c. Move one or more users, groups, or roles to the Selected box.
6. To delete members from the static role, move them from the Selected box.
7. Click Apply.
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